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Welcome to Holly Berries Gallery (Toddler room).



Here in Holly Berries, we take children from aged 18 months to 30 months. Our toddler room is designed to enable us to follow the seven areas of the EYFS and development matters curriculum. At this stage children are getting more independent, they become more social and begin to build and create relationships with other children. Our staff ensure that our main focus is on helping the children develop self-care skills as well as encouraging independence. Toddler room provides a safe, colourful and stimulating environment for toddlers to grow and explore. There are different areas of the room to help young children choose what they would like to play with.  We provide sand, water and paint on a daily basis and also have a sensory corner for children to explore their senses and get cosy in. in the toddler room we encourage the children to explore the garden where we have a variety of activities that are weather appropriate.


Holly Berries Gallery