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Little Leo’s Nursery offers high quality, all round nursery care for children from the age of 3 months to 5 years.
Every child’s day is carefully planned to make sure they receive the best experience that is rich in care and education whilst meeting individual social, physical and emotional needs.  Partnership with Parents and Carers is a high priority from day one by caring for and meeting the needs of every child and their family. 

Our Aims:

To provide a fully inclusive Nursery where all children and their families are  welcome:

  • Providing quality day care and pre-school learning (according to Department for Education guidelines) for children under 5 years old
  • Provide a secure, happy, caring environment
  • Ensure the children are seen as individuals and their needs are met to ensure they reach their full potential
  • Encourage non-racist, non-sexist attitudes within the Nursery at all times
  • Provide respect and understanding for different religions and cultures
  • Build each child’s self esteem together with mutual care and respect for others
  • Help each child acquire all social physical and emotional skills s/he needs
  • Work in close collaboration with Parent/Carer
  • Comply with the regulations set out by the Local Authority at all times (The Children Act 1989) Nursery Procedures
  •                                                                            Being Independent 

We provide age appropriate toys and equipment to allow children to make choices, making children feel valued and enhancing their self - esteem, fostering their ability to be independent.

Being Safe

Children need to feel safe and secure both in their surroundings and with the people who care for them.  At Little Leo's Nursery the care and safety of your child is paramount.  Safety measures include, all staff are Disclosure and Barring Service checked (DBS), security cameras which monitor the main entrance, garden and hallway together with a visual and audio door entry locking system to prevent unauthorised access.  The personal, social and emotional development of your child is the foundation for their physical and mental growth, being safe in their environment is key to this.