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Being Loved

Children need to feel loved so that they are able to develop.  Your child will be assigned a specific key person who you will be able to discuss any aspect of your child's care and development and providing your child with plenty of support, care and encouragement. 


There are activities and routines that are appropriate for each age group throughout the day. Messy play is a particular favourite!  We have created an environment at Little Leo's Nursery which is supportive of children's development.  All our games, routines and activities encourage each child to be happy and motivated, respectful of other cultures and the environment in which they live.  As our staff interact with your child, they will make observations and assessments which they share with you, keeping you informed of your child's physical and intellectual growth and development.  We work with you to foster a love for learning in your child. 

“Children form close relationships with their key persons and other staff who care for them each day”

Jennifer Liverpool Ofsted Inspector. 

Key Person