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Welcome to Little Leo’s Nursery Summer term newsletter


The Nursery is steadily growing and with lovely recommendations we have seen friends of friends visiting and taking up spaces. So thank you for recommending us.

We have had a few new children that started towards the end of last term and the beginning of this term. All new children are settling well. If your child still seems anxious try not to worry. For some of them it is their first time of being left, but once they get used to the nursery, the other children and staff, it will not be long before they are happy to be left at nursery. Each child is an individual and will settle in their own time. If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss with your child’s keyworker, any staff in your child’s room, or myself

In the spring term newsletter, we focused on screen time guidelines for children. That debate is still going strong. How much screen time, if any, is appropriate for very young children? Jane O’Sullivan (chief executive, London Early Years Foundation) weighs the current arguments but emphasises the importance of interaction and touch – of the human kind. I have attached an article for your information.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Ofsted has set out its plans to overhaul the inspection system, moving away from a reliance on data to determine performance to an emphasis on teaching and the curriculum.

In line with the changes, inspectors will make the following judgements about early year’s settings:

·       Overall effectiveness
·       The quality of education
·       Behaviour and attitudes
·       Personal development
·       Leadership and management


It is proposed that the new framework will no longer include the standalone “outcomes” judgement. A key new judgment is that on quality of education, focusing on the curriculum, which replaces ‘teaching, learning and assessment. For more information I have attached an article from Nursery world.



In light of recent emergencies and possible security threats, Little Leo’s recognises the potential serious risks to children, staff, visitors and the building. We have put together a Lock Down Policy to ensure our safety in an event of a local threat or emergency situation which may result in our nursery being placed into ‘lock down’. Attached is a copy of our ‘lock down policy.


The Joy Project Programme

The Programme is still working really well with Cherry Blossom children, staff and the elderly residents from the Apthorp care centre. Holly Berries children are also enjoying and benefitting from the sessions. For photos and information, please see the Joy board in the lobby area.


School Readiness

We have 16 children leaving us at the end of this term to go to school. Cherry Blossom are focusing on supporting and promoting school readiness / transition to school.

School readiness is vaguely described in the foundation stage as “Children reaching a good level of development in the prime areas and literacy and mathematics. It goes much deeper than this, a school ready child should be displaying many other characteristics.

Some of which are:

·       Independent in toileting
·       Able to dress themselves
·       Understands expected levels of behaviour
·       Confidence and self-esteem
·       Can take turns and share
·       Can sit still for a short period
·       Can separate from parent/carers
·       Communication and language skills needed to communicate needs and listen to there
·       Can actively learn creatively and critically thinking

Some of these characteristics may be difficult for all children to achieve and this shouldn’t leave parents concerned that a child isn’t school ready. The important thing is that we are able to identify and offer support and encouragement. I have attached a booklet, preparing your child for starting school, from the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. (Pre-school only)


Nursery outings

Some the preschool visited the animal sanctuary and had a picnic in Trent Park during the Easter break. They really enjoyed seeing the animals. There is a display of pictures in the lobby area. Hopefully more trips will be arranged this term for the children.

The Toddlers, staff and parents had a great day out at the London Aquarium. They loved seeing all the different fishes, jelly fish etc so close up. There are pictures of the day on display in the toddler room.


We are looking for parents to join our parents committee

We are looking to hold a parents committee meeting in the near future. Please let myself or Debbie know if you would like to join us so that we can arrange a date and time. We appreciate you are all busy, but previous experience has shown that to have parents participate and provide feedback benefits everyone.


Parent Helpers

I would like to remind all parents that they are welcome to come in and read a story, help celebrate a festival or talk to the children about your profession. The children really enjoy it when parents come in.



Congratulations to Melody, who has been appointed Team Leader in our baby room.

Rianne, who has just finished her maternity leave, has decide not to return to work. We wish her well for the future


Late collections

There are a number of parents that are arriving to collect their child/ren at 6pm and expecting feedback on how their child’s day has been, if you require detailed information on how your child/ren’s day has been at nursery, we would appreciate if you ensure you arrive in the nursery before 6pm to allow time for this information to be handed over to you.


Nursery Hours

We would like to remind you that our Core hours are 8am – 6pm.

We understand that sometimes with traffic you can arrive at the Nursery prior to 8am, which is not a problem as long as you stay with your child until 8am.  You will see some children already in the Nursery prior to 8am without their Parents and this will be because their parents have paid for an early start and we have arranged for staff accordingly.


We also currently have some children where parents have paid for a late finish, so whilst we have staff working after 6pm if you have not paid for a late finish and you are late collecting your child, there will be a late collection fee applied of £10.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof.



Breakfast - if you wish for your child to have breakfast, please can you ensure that they arrive on time for breakfast which is between 8.00-9.00am,(unless you have booked an early start 7.30am)


BuggiesCan parents / carers please fold up your buggies and place in the buggy shed.


Spare clothes – Can you please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes with their name written in them


Absent - If your child is going to be absent from nursery, please ring in the morning and let us know. Also ring and let us know if you are going to be late and your child requires lunch (lunch is at 12.00noon)


Office          020 8211 3119


Children’s belongingsParents, please limit extra toys brought into nursery, as we do not accept responsibility if they are lost or broken.






Father’s day


STAFF- Continuous Professional Development

Casey – Working towards her Level 2 Childcare

Marido – Working towards Level 3 Childcare


Staff Training undertaken this Term



Early words together at two

Food Hygiene

First Aid

Loose Parts

FGM – knowledge and awareness of the signs of Female Genital Mutilation




Coffee “On the Go ‘’               It’s Great to hear you are really enjoying coffee on the go along with your                  healthy piece of fruit ,which will continue to be on a weekly basis on                         different day each week


Joy – Care Home visits            7th June, 15th July – we will also try and arrange visits on other days


Parents Committee Meeting      TBC


Sports Day                           Thursday 20th June – If you would like to help organise, please see myself or                  Debbie


Graduation day                     Thursday 4th July approx. 2.30pm for a tea party and a bouncy Castle for the Day.                                                                Graduation ceremony will take place around 3.30pm.All parents/carer of the                                                                           children graduating welcome. More Info to follow.


End of Funded Term              26th July 2019



Nursery Management      TeamCurrent List Of Staff

Athena Koukoutas                           Nursery Manager / Senior Designated Professional/ Health and Safety Officer


Debbie Richardson       Deputy Manager / SENCO Co-ordinator, Deputy Designated Professional &                                                          Behaviour Management Advisor


Faranak Shabbak                           Third in Charge & Equal Opportunities Officer


Cherry Blossom Room

Faranak Shabbak                       Team Leader                   

Hayley Wood                              Early Years Practitioner

Maria Nicolas                             Early Years Practitioner

Giang Tran                                 Early Years Practitioner

Christine Picard                         Early Years Practitioner

Ashley Stoker                           Early Years Practitioner


Holly Berries Room

Georgina Georgiou                    Team Leader                                                                     

Farhana Ali                               Early Years Practitioner

Natalie O’Reilly                         Early Years Practitioner


Little Buds Room

Melody Dawson                         Team Leader

Keanna Theodolou                     Early Years Practitioner


Nursery Support Staff

Savannah Benjamin                    Early Years Practitioner

Casey Reddy                              Early Years Apprentice

Marido Joret                             Early Years Assistant

Aleksandra Gatseva                   Nursery Housekeeper



Kind Regards

Athena Koukoutas

Nursery Manager