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Welcome to Little Leo’s Nursery Spring term newsletter



The Nursery is steadily growing and with lovely recommendations we have seen friends of friends visiting and taking up spaces. So thank you for recommending us


We would also like to thank you for helping to raise £256.60 for Children in Need on 16thNovember Well Done! 


First Uk guidelines for screen time announced


There has been a lot of news over the last couple of months regarding how much screen time children should be accessing, The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has published guidelines to help parents manage children’s screen time.


The RCPCH suggests that parents adjust their child’s use of screens based on their developmental age and individual needs.


The guidance says that while there is not enough evidence to confirm that screens are harmful to child health, screen time should not interrupt positive activities for children such as socialising, exercise and sleep. 


The guidelines include 4 key questions for families to help examine their use of technology  

  • Is screen time controlled?
  • Does screen time use interfere with what your family want to do?
  • Does screen use interfere with sleep?
  • Are you able to control snacking during screen time? 

I have attached an article form Nursery World for your information


 Early Years Foundation Stage  


Ofsted had said that we are not yet outstanding “ as we do not provide enough opportunities to help children practice their early writing skills. We felt that Mark Making was one way in which young children practise their early writing skills. When children realise that marks can be used to carry meaning, they will begin to use marks as tools to make their thinking visible. I have attached an article ‘what is mark making and why is it important’ 


Children learn from everything they do, but their development depends, in part on the quality and range of experiences they have received both in the Nursery and at home. Some children have had opportunities to experiment with mark making from their earliest years, while others have had limited experiences for a variety of reasons.


Within the context of an active play-based learning environment, children will have many different ways of representing their thoughts and feelings in the early years. Some will choose, music, dance or song, others will tell stories through role play, but most will at some point will represent their ideas graphically


The Joy Project Programme


The Programme is still working really well with Cherry Blossom children, staff and the elderly residents from the Apthorp care centre. We can confirm that we have more sessions booked for this term. The children have really enjoyed and benefitted from their visits so we have decided to include Holly Berries in these sessions.  Parents will receive consent forms for them to confirm whether they agree to their child visiting the care home and also for photos and information, please see the Joy board in the lobby area.


The home library in both the Cherry Blossom and Holly Berries is working well and it’s a pleasure to hear that the children are excited to have the opportunity to choose which books they can take home to read.


I would like to remind all parents that they are welcome to come in and read a story, help celebrate a festival or talk to the children about your profession. The children really enjoy it when parents come in.


 We are looking for parents to join our parents committee


We will be holding a parents committee meeting on 7thMarch at 10.00am. Please let me know if you will be able to attend. We appreciate you are all busy, but previous experience has shown that to have parents participate and provide feedback benefits everyone.




We were sad that Melissa resigned at the beginning of January, for those of you who didn’t know, was team leader in the baby room. She made the decision to expand her experience and knowledge. She had worked for us since June 2015. Little Leo’s was her first job since leaving college and having gained her Level 3 qualification.


We would also like to congratulate Giang on the completion of her Level 3 in Childcare.


 Late collections


There are a number of parents that are arriving to collect their child/ren at 6pm and expecting            feedback on how their child’s day has been, if you require detailed information on how your child/ren’s day has been at nursery, we would appreciate if you ensure you arrive in the nursery before 6pm to allow time for this information to be handed over to you.


Nursery Hours 


We would like to remind you that our Core hoursare 8am – 6pm. 


We understand that sometimes with traffic you can arrive at the Nursery prior to 8am, which is not a problem as long as you stay with your child until 8am.  You will see some children already in the Nursery prior to 8am without their Parents and this will be because their Parents have paid for an early start and we have arranged for staff accordingly. 


We also currently have some children where Parents have paid for a late finish so whilst we have staff working after 6pm if you have not paid for a Late finish and you are late collecting your child there will be a late collection fee applied of £10.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof.




Breakfast -: if you wish for your child to have breakfast, please can you ensure that they arrive on time for breakfast which is between 8.00-9.00am,(unless you have booked an early start 7.30am) 


Buggies –: Can parents / carers please fold up your buggies and place in the buggy shed.


Spare clothes –: Can you please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes with their name written in them


Absent - If your child is going to be absent from nursery, please ring in the morning and let us know. Also ring and let us know if you are going to be late and your child requires lunch (lunch is at 12.00noon)


Office  020 8211 3119


Children’s belongings –: Parents, please limit extra toys brought into nursery, as we do not accept responsibility if they are lost or broken.




Chinese New Year 

Valentines Day 

Shrove Tuesday 

St Patricks Day 



Mothers Day


St George’s Day 

World Book Week 


STAFF- Continuous Professional Development


Casey – Working towards her Level 2 Childcare 

Marido – Working towards Level 3 Childcare


Staff Training undertaken this Term



Supporting Positive Behaviour 

Managing Allegations Against Staff 

First Aid 


Exploring and Understanding the EYFS 

Extending Children’s Learning 


Terrific Twos 

Maths Throughout Learning 

Loose Parts

FGM – knowledge and awareness of the signs of Female Genital Mutilation




Coffee “On the Go ‘’                  It’s Great to hear you are really enjoying coffee on the go along with your healthy piece of fruit ,which will continue to be on a weekly basis on  a different day each week


Joy – Care Home visits             22ndFebruary8th March, 5thApril


World Book Week                      4th– 8thMarch 

Sponsored book character 

Dressing up


Parents Committee Meeting.   7thMarch 10.00


Toddler visit to London            27thMarch 

Sealife Aquarium 


Easter Party                              16thApril 3pm – 4.30. If it is not your child’s day, you are welcome to attend, along with your child. Please let a member of staff from your child’s room know if you will be attending


Easter Closure                          Good Friday 19thApril & Bank Holiday Monday 22ndApr


Current List Of Staff


Nursery Management Team


Athena Koukoutas               Nursery Manager / Senior Designated Professional/ Health and Safety Officer


Debbie Richardson             Deputy Manager / SENCO Co-ordinator, Deputy Designate / Professional& Behaviour            Management Advisor  


Faranak Shabbak                            Third in Charge & Equal Opportunities Officer


Cherry Blossom Room  

Faranak Shabbak                           Team Leader                         

Hayley Wood                                    Early Years Practitioner  

Maria Nicolas                                   Early Years Practitioner  

Giang Tran                                       Early Years Practitioner 

Christine Picard                                Early Years Practitioner 

Ashley Stoker                                   Early Years Practitioner


Holly Berries Room 

Georgina Georgiou                       Team Leader                                                                                      

Farhana Ali                                     Early Years Practitioner  

Rianne Felix-Lynch                       Early Years Practitioner – Maternity leave 

Natalie O’Reilly                             Early Years Practitioner 


Little Buds Room 

Melody Dawson                             Early Years Practitioner 

Keanna Theodolou                       Early Years Practitioner 


Nursery Support Staff 

Savannah Benjamin                      Early Years Practitioner 

Casey Reddy                                  Early Years Apprentice  

Marido Joret                                    Early Years Assistant  

Aleksandra Gatseva                     Nursery Housekeeper 


Kind Regards 

Athena Koukoutas 

Nursery Manager